Louise Jackson
Aim High. Go Higher.
Helping Others Achieve Success
Our professional standard and motivation.

Quality that satisfies us as a team. Specializing in Festivals and Events, Management, Consulting, Styling and Emceeing.

President & Founder

Louise Jackson.

My background includes voice acting, tourism, marketing & communications, event & festival planning, building partnerships, public speaking, and bringing energy to your brand and events.

Our team is now offering our expertise as consultants. We share decades of experience in marketing, content creation, events, strategic planning and implementation. We consistently raise the bar. Beyond executing events, we have the unique ability/skills to re-envision, enhance or even create an entirely new revenue stream and set something memorable in motion creating a legacy for you and your business.

We aim to elevate each client. Let’s take your business to the next level.

Aim High, Go Higher!


AHGH 3 Principles:

Integrity Indomitable Spirit Culture